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5 Benefits Of Meal Planning


Meal planning is simply the process of deciding what you will eat in advance. Most often on a weekly or monthly basis. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, or just improve your diet, meal planning is an easy step to help you reach your goals. Here are 5 reasons why we love meal planning: 

  • Easy to follow – you simply eat what’s set out for you
No last minute stress about what to cook or researching the foods you need to help achieve your health and fitness goals - with a meal plan, everything is already set out for you. Simply pull out your ingredients, follow the recipe, and you’re all set!


  • Helps you understand how a certain meal plan can help you achieve a certain goal
Meal planning means that you have time to plan healthy meals. You can chose avoid fast food and to eat out less often. This means you will likely consume less sodium, sugar and processed foods. With set meal plans, like within THE BOD App, you can also rest assured knowing that you’re reaching your daily macros required to reach your health and fitness goals - for example, if you’re trying to lose weight you may choose our 6-week 1800 calories/day meal plan.


  • Saves time and money

Planning your meals for the week can help you to manage your time (and your money!) better. We spend a lot of time deciding what to eat, grocery shopping, cooking and then cleaning up after dinner. By planning ahead and organising your meals, it means there’s no more last minute trips to the shops and reduces the aimless wandering and overspending when you’re there.


  • Less food waste

We can all be a little guilty of wasting food, but by only buying what you need and using the ingredients as close to when you purchase them can reduce what ends up in the bin at the end of the week.  Find out more about how to reduce food waste here >


  • Convenient and suits busier lifestyles
When you’re leading a busy lifestyle, there is nothing more frustrating than finishing a long day of work and realizing you have kids to feed and no plan for dinner. It creates a lot of last minute stress worrying about what to fix and if you have the ingredients you need. A weekly plan helps reduce that worry.


How To Meal Plan

Meal planning is as simple as spending about 10 minutes, once a week, thinking about what food you will prepare during the week. The best way to get started is to sit down with your Meal Prep Planner, choose your meals from THE BOD App, and write out meals for the next week. Or, if you’d prefer a set meal plan created by us, simply choose your set meal plan from within THE BOD App or from our 6-week Nutrition & Training Programs. 


Once you have your weekly meal plan established, use it to make your grocery list for the week. Simply add your ingredients to your interactive shopping list within THE BOD App and tick off your grocery items as you shop!

Once you have all your meals planned, and your ingredients stocked, it’s time to meal prep - this will save you plenty of time throughout the week. Check out our meal prep tips here >

Make meal planning a breeze with THE BOD Meal Prep Planner. Easy-to-use, convenient, with space for meals and snacks, this planner allows you to prepare for the week ahead - simply scribble on, tear off and stick to your fridge! Say goodbye to the hassle of coming up with meal ideas at the last minute. Plan ahead and keep track of your meals with a 7-day overview and ample space to plan and note down your breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner. Grab yours now for only $19.95 >

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