#OneYearDifference - "One year and 10kg later. This is a year progress, a year full of many tears, struggles and laughter. A year of learning to love the skin I’m in. A year of appreciating the struggles, and a year of learning that not all healthy food has to taste bad (thanks @sophie_guidolin)"
What a message! We love this so much: 'After trying a heap of different training/nutrition plans and constantly criticising myself for the way I looked; I finally found something that worked for ME. For the first time i finally saw a change in myself, not just physically but also mentally, which for me is a much greater achievement than anything else. There’s no better feeling than finding a lifestyle that is not only maintainable but that also gives me the happiness and self confidence that I currently have. MASSIVE thank you to @sophie_guidolin and her team, you guys are beyond amazing #thebodresults'
One thing I'll never forget is how I felt when I started ashamed, despair and hopeful. Everything I've achieved has been done from home I have tried the at home workout guides and gym I mainly follow the gym guide these days. There's only been a handful of workouts that I've been unable to do. Consistency has got me to where I'm at now and this has been a lifestyle change for me not just a 12 week challenge it's taught me so much and I have a new appreciation of my body and finally have fallen back into a happy place.

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