T&Cs: Money-Back Guarantee Policy for the ‘Fit & Fulfilled Project You Promise’

T&Cs: Money-Back Guarantee Policy for the ‘Fit & Fulfilled Project You Promise’

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Goal Submission: Participants must submit their personal health goal in writing to the coaching email before the challenge begins, with the goal being specific and measurable. 
  2. Daily Photo Submission: A daily photo must be uploaded and access granted to be sent to the coach to document adherence to the regime.
  3. Full Participation: Complete all prescribed plans and check-ins. 
  4. Progress Tracking: Track progress using specified metrics and report these directly or through the supplied platform.
  5. Initial and Final Assessments: Complete both initial and final assessments, which include body measurements, fitness tests, weight and photos.


  • Participants must request the refund in writing within 7 days of the 12 week sign up completion.
  • The request must include proof of compliance with all eligibility requirements. 
  • Refunds will be processed within a 30 day window, after a refund request is verified based on the above requirements, 


  • Refunds may not be granted if participants do not adhere to the challenge guidelines, specifically the submission of the initial goal and daily photos but also include not following the supplied custom diet and workout plans, or fail to complete the challenge due to reasons outside our control.
  • The guarantee does not cover minimal progress if all conditions are met; it applies only to participants who see no measurable improvement in the defined metrics.


  • This guarantee is limited to the registration fee for the challenge and does not cover any additional expenses incurred (like food, equipment, etc.).
  • The Bod reserves the right to make final decisions on all refund claims based on the evidence provided.