The face behind it all

Nathan Wallace’s expertise is recognised all over the world. With his clients taking out titles, breaking records and turning heads with their transformations, his next obvious step was to create a unique program for YOU. Over 12 years of experience under his belt and so much he wanted to share with aspiring athletes; Nathan set to create a program that would reflect the way he and his clients train.

The Bod Men’s is ideal for those who cannot afford one-on-one or ongoing coaching, but want the results that Nathan is world famous for. This tried and tested gym-only program is designed specifically for men with their individual goals in mind.

What's inside?

Each program is comprised of nutrition and training. The nutrition entirely customisable, and the training comprehensive and detailed. Taking the macro approach allows each athlete to develop their own nutritional plan customised to their taste preferences, dietary requirements and personal goals. The Bod protocols will teach you how to calculate AND track the correct amount of macros for your goals, whether it be maintaining, growing or cutting.

What can I expect?

Depending on your level, the intensity and frequency of your training will vary. What you will find in each program however, are the tools to calculate the optimal number of reps and sets, percentages, training times, intensities and frequencies to reach your goals.

Why The Bod Men's?

Proven results from years and years of testing and trials, bringing you the most foolproof protocols

Coaching methods in the palm of your hand that can be adapted to your own individual goals

Ongoing online support from our coaches to guide you through your journey

Nutrition and exercise laid out for you in an easy-to-understand format

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