Lose Fat & Gain Muscle

Reduce body fat, gain muscle and smash your fitness goals.

Developed by qualified nutritionists and master trainers

Through many years of research, trying, testing, refining and improving, today we’re proud to have created results-driven and sustainable programs that work for you.

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Results From Our Level 2 Program

Our programs are a game-changer for a reason. We’re all about real women and real results, so we’re revisiting some past community testimonials to inspire you on your fitness journey.  

Check out these Level 2 Program transformations:

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"I have lost just under 15kgs in 12 weeks and I seriously can't believe it. I'm fitting back into my clothes I wore before I had a baby. I'm not tired and I have so much more energy to play with my kids."

Danielle L

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"These past 12 weeks have flown with moving house at week 9 but the flexibility of tracking macros and the easy to follow training plans made it possible for me to continue with the restart without giving up during my move. I am so pleased with my strength gains and how I've maintained my weight this restart."

Alana P

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"The Bod journey has been great. It's opened my eyes up to flexible dieting and I know I will continue to stick to this way of life forever. I have lost a total of 6.9kgs and 31cm overall in the 12 weeks."

Annette W

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