Fat Loss Programs

Reduce body fat, increase your strength and smash your fitness goals.

Developed by qualified nutritionists and master trainers.

Through many years of research, trying, testing, refining and improving, today we’re proud to have created results-driven and sustainable programs that work for you.

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Results From Our Level 1 Program

Our programs are a game-changer for a reason. We’re all about real women and real results, so we’re revisiting some past community testimonials to inspire you on your fat loss journey.  

Check out these Level 1 Program transformations:

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"I no longer eat fast food multiple times a week, I am active and feel like I have more energy. And I no longer feel constantly tired. The program they have created is so educational it really does set you up to change your health and fitness for life."

Keeley W

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"The Bod is a journey I can enjoy with my family and helps create a lifestyle I am proud to live. The energy I am getting from following the bod is amazing. I love that the meal plans and the food allows for a busy lifestyle when needed"

Tamica H

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"I've been loving the process! Have managed to get down 8kg in 10 weeks! Now I'm starting a reverse diet from today"

Sophie W

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