Single Leg Press

Target Area: Lower Body

Equipment: Leg Press Machine 

  1. Sit with a tall and upright posture in the leg press machine. Position one foot between shoulder width and adjust the beginning level of the leg press so that your knee is slightly bent. Rest the other foot on the ground.
  2. Press your heel firmly into the footplate, allowing the sled to be unlocked.
  3. Hinge at your hip and knee, bringing the sled towards your torso. The ideal depth is reached when you have approximately the same angle between your knee and hip.
  4. Drive your heel into the weight and straighten your leg. Ensure you don’t completely lock your knees at the top of the exercise. This is one repetition



Increase the weight on the machine or number of repetitions


Decrease the weight on the machine or number of repetitions.


Leg Press