Treat Yoself | THE BOD Weekend 2018 Goodies

Treat Yoself | THE BOD Weekend 2018 Goodies

We are always stressing how important it is to recover, so much so that we've written a few articles around it:

Another way to recover is to relax - so next time you have a rest day, why not make it a complete pamper session with some of our ultimate must-haves items? Or rather than booking in an appointment at the day spa, why not book yourself in for a luxe, at home pamper session?

Or call your #bodbabes over for a pamper party!

  1. Step 1 is to prep some of our delicious Vanilla Honey Peanut Butter Balls.
    Pop a few on a plate and run a warm bath full of FitBod Scrub.
  2. Then, brew a Nutra Organics healing Golden Latte with turmeric, creamy coconut milk and chai spices.

Next, treat yoself with some of these amazing products below:

LaBang Hair Treatment Oil

Moroccan Argan oil,  coconut oil, macadamia oil, jojoba oil... the shine on your hair is going to be blinding people from a mile away.
We love this hair elixir for two reasons; it smells incredible, and everyone thinks you smell incredible after you use it ;)

Bohemian Skin

Follow your hair treatment up with a facial mask containing kaolin clay, hempseed oil and lactic acid.
Bohemian Skin products are a go-to for us - their gel cleanser is tough enough to wash away grime from a gym sesh, but gentle enough to be used every day.


Finish your pamper session with some teeth whitening.
The EBONiiVORY Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste gets the tick of approval from us thanks to its all-natural ingredients making it suitable for any kind of athlete.

Good news

Each of these amazing items will be included in THE BOD Weekend 2018 goodie bags valued at over $200! These amazing products will also be accompanied with goodies from some of our other can't-live-without brands: Happy Way, MC Activewear, Cleo Harper, Lorna Jane Active, Salis Society and Lust Minerals!

More Ways to Treat You Self Using Natural Beauty Hacks

  • Coconut oil - one of the key ingredients in our healing FitBod Scrub, coconut oil works as a multi-tasker. Use it for moisturiser, cleanser, for shaving legs or even in place of conditioner.

  • Lemon myrtle - is a natural antiseptic and an effective bathroom cleaner (no chemicals, no headaches). Combine bicarb soda, white vinegar and add lemon myrtle oil for scent and antiseptic or use it in a steam inhalation to combat colds and congestion.

  • Salt - salt naturally removes dead skin cells which can prepare you for your next fake tan or remove old fake tan!

  • Magnesium sulfate - a saviour for sore muscles and cramping. Did you know Magnesium also plays a key role in preventing premature ageing? By stimulating protein, bone and DNA synthesis in the cells, Magnesium supports the production of collagen and elastin in the body. These substances form connective tissue that plumps and firms the skin, creating a more youthful, glowing appearance.

  • Sunflower seed oil - sunflower seeds are anti-ageing, fight free radical damage, and a good source of vitamin E. You can benefit from the sunflower seed oil in FitBod Scrub, or even add the seeds to your need chia seed pudding for a nutritious crunch.

Did we mention that every single one of these products will be included in THE BOD Weekend 2018 goodie bags?!

What's your favourite way to treat yoself? Are you coming to THE BOD Weekend 2018 and claiming your epic goodie bag!?


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