Kickstart With Sophie Challenge | Sophie’s Pre-Challenge Check-In

Kickstart With Sophie Challenge | Sophie’s Pre-Challenge Check-In

I started my journey in the fitness industry in 2012, and since then I have always been consistent with my workouts. Even when pregnant, the gym and my health have always been a priority.

For me, life throughout 2020/2021 has been full of ups and downs, and I have found myself struggling with the thing I need the most - my own health. I have since done a lot of work in this area, but because of a marriage breakdown and an incredibly toxic relationship that followed, for a while there I didn't believe I deserved it. My own self-worth was shot and it resulted in me self-sabotaging with the things I love most - my exercise and nutrition. 

I was diagnosed with PTSD in May 2021 and I have been on a healing journey the last 6 months to rebuild my mindset and wellbeing back in a healthy way. To make things worse, recently I found a lump in my breast which has resulted in 2 surgeries and 4 months off training. I still currently have an open wound and I am awaiting approval from my doctor on Monday 25 October to resume exercise again! This is when we begin the Kickstart With Sophie Challenge - together.

This week, I look to the future in knowing that this is a starting point and the best place to be, because when we know where we are at, we can move towards where we want to be. 

I am starting from scratch again - I puff when I walk up hills, I feel like I haven't lifted weights in a long time, and my squats have gone from 100kgs to 40kgs. I have just gone into the gym and had an in-body scan, to which my partner had to reset the machine 3 times as he didn't even believe the results. 

Kickstart With Sophie Challenge THE BOD

I have lost a lot of my muscle, in fact, I have the least amount of muscle I have ever had and the most amount of body fat I have ever had (excluding pregnancy and postpartum) in 10 YEARS! 

Hopping on the machine and seeing these results really did open my eyes to the work that I need to do, but it also lit that fire in my belly again. I believe in myself that I know what to do to make these changes, that I am deserving, and I can work hard in order to feel better again. 

My biggest goal for this Kickstart With Sophie Challenge is to see a change in my energy and in my mindset, and to FEEL confident again. I have set my goals to be barbell back squatting 80kgs again, to be able to run (even 1km) again and to lose 5% body-fat. 

I haven't decided whether to release my body-fat and stats, or just the changes and different stats/percentages that do actually change, however I wanted to start this personal blog to encourage you all to join me - no matter what your goals are, or where you currently are at. I know what it feels like to be at your version of starting again from scratch and no matter how you feel, you can always make the changes required to pivot. 

I really need you all to back me, and yourself, as we do this and I encourage you all to start a weekly blog check in too - submit it into THE BOD Facebook Support Group so we can all connect a little deeper. 

Let me know your goals so I can encourage you all too! If you haven't already joined THE BOD app, we have a FREE 7-day trial * available for you. Simply download THE BOD app from the App Store or Google Play and let’s kickstart our goals together.

Kickstart With Sophie Challenge begins Monday 25 October 2021. Follow @thebod_ on Instagram for more challenge details, free templates, motivation, and more.

Sophie x 

Kickstart With Sophie Challenge begins Monday 25 October, 2021. To join the challenge, simply:

  1. Download the new THE BOD app on the App Store or Google Play
  2. Sign up for your FREE 7-day trial*
  3. Choose your 6-week program
  4. Join the sisterhood in THE BOD Support Facebook community
  5. Set your alarms! We start crushing goals Monday 25 October!

* Free trial only available to new customers only. 


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