Holiday Workout Motivation & Guide To Staying Healthy During The Festive Season

Holiday Workout Motivation & Guide To Staying Healthy During The Festive Season

Don't lose sight of your goals this Christmas!

Mustering up workout motivation during the holidays is not as hard as it sounds. Keep in mind the goals you set out to achieve and always remember how far you've come. Keeping yourself accountable during Christmas is proven to be 73% harder than the rest of the year... more or less... But really, keeping up the motivation to keep it a healthy Christmas can be difficult. The benefits to keeping consistent throughout the year will keep you from going off track, curb binge eating, ward off feelings of guilt and keep you headstrong no matter what storm comes your way. There are two parts to having and enjoying a healthy Christmas, while maintaining workout motivation. The first part is consistently sticking to your fitness routine. The second, is ensuring you eat wholesome where possible rather than indulging and overeating.

So what surefire ways do we rely on to maintain the workout motivation to break a sweat during the festive season? These guidelines work for the festive season, travel and holidays in general. Follow these tips accordingly:

  • Get it out of the way As soon as you get the chance, get your workout in. After a big breakfast or lunch, we sometimes magically lose¬†that workout motivation. It's human but also means we should make an effort to workout beforehand.
  • Make it social Get your family and friends on board with some outdoor sports, a fresh air walk or even a mini fitness comp!
  • Do a little everyday After a week of festivities, you might think one big, long session will make up for a week of indulging. Rather than a quick fix, try getting in small workouts each day, it'll keep your energy levels up and reduce that feeling of 'sluggishness'.
  • Book hotels with gyms Knowing you have the access to a fitness facility may have you reaching for the gym key over a remote when spending time at a hotel.
  • Let walking be your secret weapon You'll be amazed how little changes such as opting for the stairs or walking to get a coffee or breakfast in the morning will make a big impact. Walking allows you to experience your holiday destination out in the open, make new discoveries and come across things along the way!
  • Follow THE BOD program Our at home workout plan is any traveller's best friend to working out without machines.
And how do you stay healthy during the festive season? The same when it comes to nutrition, these tips can be actioned any time of the year away from 'routine'.
  • Don't go overboard Overeating doesn't end at the uncomfortable bloat - it can stretch the stomach leading it to believe it takes more food than what it really does to feel full. It triggers an addiction-like response to whatever you're eating in large amounts - if you've just consumed a lot of sugar or salt, chances are you'll be wanting it the next day too. Remember that moderation is the key to a long-term successful healthy lifestyle.
  • Plan some meals in advance Not all, but some. Preparing some clean snacks or one meal a day dedicated to being 'clean' will keep some consistency during the holiday season. Even having healthier options to snack on throughout the day will keep you from unknowingly consuming unnecessary amounts before breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
  • Cook up your favourites - but with a twist There is a healthy alternative to almost any dish out there - you just have to look them up! The Bod program alone includes deliciously clean alternatives to banana bread, Shepherd's pie, pancakes, lasagne and sausage rolls!
  • Be wary of what you're drinking For every drink that isn't water, follow it up with a glass of water. This simple rule will cut down your alcoholic intake by half without taking too much of the fun out of it ;) If you're a fan of juice or sodas, why not juice your own or combine fruit with soda water?
  • Get back on track safely Avoid that nagging feeling to go full starvation mode when you go overboard. This can create a vicious cycle difficult to get out of. Instead, get back into your usual routine the next day.
  • Choose fresh When surrounded by larger-than-life Christmas spreads and feasts, always go fresh. Fill your plate up with proteins and veggies first and then move onto the extras.
  • Be the friend that brings homemade When you prep your own dishes to bring to the table, you know exactly what's going in them. Homemade cooking adds a personal touch and is always appreciated!
  • Keep a food journal Think of it as a support system to keep track of what you're consuming. Having to sit down and write all you've eaten in a day leaves no room for excuses. It's also an opportunity to be aware of how little or much you may be eating.

Give the gift that keeps on giving this year - THE BOD program is an adaptable 12 week program that can be turned into a lifestyle!

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